SipMobileVoip 4.11.0

Make cheap VOIP calls on your Symbian phone


  • Good call quality
  • Cheap calls


  • Ugly user interface
  • Awkward setup process

Not bad

SipMobileVoip is a VOIP application that allows you to make cheaper calls from your Symbian phone.

Using the SipMobileVoip software you can make cheap calls to landlines and cellphones over WiFi or 3G. In order to use the program you first need to purchase credit from the developer's site, before downloading the application and logging in with the account details you set up.

At the time of writing, calls are priced at 2 cents (Euro) per minute to landlines and 3 cents (Euro) per minute to mobiles.

The user interface of the SipMobileVoip application is pretty ugly and is a long way off the likes of Skype or fring in this respect.

The SipMobileVoip user interface is very minimalistic and many key options are missing, such as the ability to join up and purchase credit through the app, or to check call prices. The program does display your current credit though, as well as a call history, and the ability to bring up your contact list and make a call to someone here.

Despite its ragged looks, SipMobileVoip functions very well as a VOIP client. We experienced no connection problems over 3G or WiFi, and in general the audio quality was very good.

SipMobileVoip is an ugly application, but it does allow you to make very cheap calls from your cell phone.



SipMobileVoip 4.11.0

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